We accept payments from any credit, debit or prepaid card through Eurobank e-commerce. We also accept payments via PayPal*.

We accept cash payments for last minute bookings, or phone booking, or text messages bookings via e-mail or social media messages. We also accept cash payments for additional charges which may result from further waiting in an excursion or further stops from the already arranged schedule. Payments can be done directly to the driver or the Guide depending the type of service.

We also provide POS devices in our vehicles that can accept all kind of debit credit prepaid cards etc. please inform us in advantage, if you prefer to choose that kind of payment.

About the Refund Policy please see section II. 3 -Policies of Transport Services. Of terms of use section.

Refunds: The full amount of the Transfer Cost (including the Company’s Revenue), is charged immediately following completion of such election to the Traveler’s authorized PayPal, account and transferred

Promotional Offers- Discount coupons: The Company, at its sole discretion, may make available promotional offers with different features to any of Travelers.


*We facilitate pre-payment via PayPal, The cost of a Transfer (“Transfer Cost”) is the amount shown to You when You get a quote via the website or the amount shown to You before payment. Transfer cost includes all fees and vats. The Company’s Revenue is calculated on a percentage basis or may be a fixed fee and its calculation may change without any previous notice to You and according to the Company’s will and as it is deemed necessary for Company’s business.