About the Refund Policy please see section II. 3 -Policies of Transport Services of terms of use section.

Refunds: The full amount of the Transfer Cost (including the Company’s Revenue), is charged immediately following completion of such election to the Traveler’s authorized PayPal, account and transferred

Promotional Offers- Discount coupons: The Company, at its sole discretion, may make available promotional offers with different features to any of Travelers.


*We facilitate pre-payment via PayPal, The cost of a Transfer (“Transfer Cost”) is the amount shown to You when You get a quote via the website or the amount shown to You before payment. Transfer cost includes all fees and vats. The Company’s Revenue is calculated on a percentage basis or may be a fixed fee and its calculation may change without any previous notice to You and according to the Company’s will and as it is deemed necessary for Company’s business.