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Take advantage and book one of Taxaki’s unique tours in Crete. Live an extraordinary experience that you can not imagine. Visit different places of Crete and meet new people that they will make you feel the Cretan hospitality and the local way of living!

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Crete is the island of countless beauties, both along its long coastline and mountainous inland, which is definitely worth exploring. It is also an island with a rich cultural heritage, many monuments and antiquities, picturesque villages and an exciting local culture.

The best way to explore it is with a knowledgeable and experienced native guide.

Taxaki has carefully designed day excursions in every prefecture of Crete with stops at points of interest that go beyond the conventional tourist experience. Your guide will take you with ease at every stop, give you interesting information and take care of every detail so you can just relax and enjoy the trip.

In addition to the suggested routes, we are at your disposal to help you plan your very own tailor-made excursion, according to your interests and preferences.

Maximum number of passengers / excursion: 8

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